Sponsored by Menlo Park Fire Protection District
United States   -  FEMA Task Forces
State   ID   Sponsoring Agency  
Arizona   AZ-TF1   Phoenix Fire Department  
California   CA-TF1   L.A. City Fire Department  
  CA-TF2   L.A. County Fire Department  
  CA-TF3   Menlo Park Fire Protection District  
  CA-TF4   Oakland Fire Services Agency  
  CA-TF5   Orange County Fire Authority  
  CA-TF6   Riverside Multi-Agency  
  CA-TF7   Sacramento Fire Department  
  CA-TF8   San Diego Fire Department  
Colorado   CO-TF1   Denver Fire Department  
Florida   FL-TF1   Metro-Dade Fire / Rescue  
  FL-TF2   City of Miami Fire Department  
Indiana   IN-TF1   Marion County Fire Department  
Maryland   MD-TF1   Montgomery County Fire / Rescue  
Massachusetts   MA-TF1   City of Beverly  
Missouri   MO-TF1   Boone County Fire District  
Nebraska   NE-TF1   City of Lincoln Fire Department  
Nevada   NV-TF1   Clark County Fire Department  
New Mexico   NM-TF1   State of New Mexico  
New York   NY-TF1   NYC Office of Emergency Management  
Ohio   OH-TF1   Miami Valley Emergency Management Authority  
Pennsylvania   PA-TF1   Commonwealth of Pennsylvania  
Tennessee   TN-TF1   Memphis / Shelby County Emergency Management Agency  
Texas   TX-TF1 Texas A&M University  
Utah   UT-TF1   State of Utah  
Virginia   VA-TF1   Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department  
  VATF2   Virginia Beach Fire Department  
Washington   WA-TF1   Puget Sound  

Updated: 02/01/03